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New Blog (Again)

So I created a new blog with an entry from my old blog. This time 2016 will be cool. We’ll see how many times I get to post but I hope to keep up with creating new content now that creating content is easy. ish.

Truth is I’m bad at keeping up with writing content. I have three or four websites in total that I have to keep up content for and I am lost with the workload of one site. So this will be my blog about things that don’t fit within the strict criteria of their topics. My other sites are specific while this is general topics related to whatever I am doing.

I plan on creating some content soon to put here and hopefully expand the tiny little section of the internets that is mine. Here’s to hoping another year of registered domains!

Rebuilding the Blog

So the server I had everything hosted on took a shit and died on me. I’m not sure the exact reason. I figured having raid-5 would keep such things from happening but I think the controller card died. About a week before this my entire backup system died and so I lost all my backups. Then my actual server died that held my secondary backups.

Either way I haven’t spent enough time at the data center troubleshooting the issue to recover the data. I sort of need it, kinda. One of these days I’ll have to take the computer home and work on it. We’re replacing everything with VMs and they work just fine, we got hypervisors with 48 procs and 128gigs of ram, 4 vcpu’s and 4gigs of ram missing hardly go noticed. The new server is a VM and hopefully I’ll get a backup system working before things happen again.

I ended up with two new two terabyte drives and discarded the rest of them. Next is a SSD drive for the OS. Then fuck computers, I need more outfits.

Until then.. new stuff will be posted here. The next thing might be related to DNSSEC and how annoying it is and how there are no good tutorials on going in manually and so I’ll have to write down how rollovers work in a quick step by step guide.