New Blog (Again)

I recreated the blog, I hope to keep it updated.

So I created a new blog with an entry from my old blog. This time 2016 will be cool. We’ll see how many times I get to post but I hope to keep up with creating new content now that creating content is easy. ish.

Truth is I’m bad at keeping up with writing content. I have three or four websites in total that I have to keep up content for and I am lost with the workload of one site. So this will be my blog about things that don’t fit within the strict criteria of their topics. My other sites are specific while this is general topics related to whatever I am doing.

I plan on creating some content soon to put here and hopefully expand the tiny little section of the internets that is mine. Here’s to hoping another year of registered domains!

Pages and pages of content will soon arrive. So far this install of hugo is pretty solid. I have custom themes installed and in use. I will be modifying the theme template as time goes on until I get it where I like it. Custom code for each site.