OD'ing at your Drug Dealers Place

Dont OD at your dealers house, its a dick move.

When I originally delt with this issue I was addressing all drugs. But in reality the most common drug people overdose on are either heroin or prescription opiates or prescription drugs in general. So here is a list of the important etiquette you should observe when dealing in illicit substances.

If you decide to dabble in the dark underworld of drugs, there is a few things you should understand. The cool drugs like weed and lsd is hard to overdose on. But if given a significant amount then its easy to overdose on most substances. Weed, LSD, Mushrooms, are hard to OD on, there are still more drugs that area also hard to OD on but I am leaving them out for the purpose of this document.

Heroin and other prescription drugs are the most likely thing for you to overdose on. This leads us to a problem. If you overdose in your own home the only person you run a risk of hurting is yourself. Unfortunately a lot of people decide to get high at their dealers cause they can’t wait for the appropriate time to take drugs. This means, if you OD at your drug dealers house you’re at special risk for being delt with in ways that may seem fucked up. But let me tell you what happens.

You show up at your dealers, you reup, you get drugs and you slam them. Then you die. Now you may think its all fun and games but when you die you leave a big problem for people who are just trying to do their part in bringing you high quality substances to abuse.

So let me posulate a situation in which you’re a drug dealer, you have someone come over to reup, get some of your stash and like you know its good and you even tell them its good, dont be too greedy. But they take their portion and take too much. Its easy to do more but is never easy to do less.

When you’re dead then really there is not much else to do with your body than dispose of it. The unfortunate part is there is no legit way to dispose of bodies without admitting they died around you. This leads us to a situation in which no one wants to admit what they did wrong. If anyone admits what they did wrong they may end up in jail or worse. It is critically important is that you dont end up a body or a possible body on your dealers turf.

Why is this important? Well because of the simple reason that people overdosing is a dick move. It puts a big risk on your dealers house. Your dealer already risked enough suppling you with drugs so its a good measure to not be dicking them around. You should be alert to the problems that are at risk. Once you allow things to spiral out of control then they will spiral out of control.

Let us take a look at the risks of not moving your body elsewhere. If you overdose at your dealers house and they don’t move you, then the cops will show up at your door along with the paramedics and they will bust you. Why? I don’t know, its fucked up. The cops always show up with paramedics, and if a situation is sketchy they will snoop around and bust the placee you overdosed at. If you’re doing these drugs you should observe the etiquette and not overdose at someone elses house.

Lets step back a moment and look at the real problems. You are now a body on your dealers turf. I have had this discussion with many people and have come to the conclusion that the best course of action when someone overdoses under your care, is to take them to a neighbors house. One at least a block or two away, and dump them on the front porch or back yard of their house. Then you knock on the door and tell them “Hey! you got a dead body in your yard, better deal with it! Peace!” Then you peace out.

This may sound cold but it isn’t. How can we expect people to come and deal with us overdosing if we overdose on their property. This is nessicary to avoid possible complications later on. It is important to avoid any complexities that may arise from you fucking up and overdosing.

If you’re doing drugs that have the possiblity of overdosing on, you should be aware and alert at when you risk these problems. It is your duty as a human to avoid fucking up. There are a few drugs you can’t fuck up on but for the most part the fun ones you can. So don’t overdose at your drug dealers house. Else you might be dumped on a neighbor and have the cops raid some innocent persons house.