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OD'ing at your Drug Dealers Place

When I originally delt with this issue I was addressing all drugs. But in reality the most common drug people overdose on are either heroin or prescription opiates or prescription drugs in general. So here is a list of the important etiquette you should observe when dealing in illicit substances.

If you decide to dabble in the dark underworld of drugs, there is a few things you should understand. The cool drugs like weed and lsd is hard to overdose on. But if given a significant amount then its easy to overdose on most substances. Weed, LSD, Mushrooms, are hard to OD on, there are still more drugs that area also hard to OD on but I am leaving them out for the purpose of this document.

Heroin and other prescription drugs are the most likely thing for you to overdose on. This leads us to a problem. If you overdose in your own home the only person you run a risk of hurting is yourself. Unfortunately a lot of people decide to get high at their dealers cause they can’t wait for the appropriate time to take drugs. This means, if you OD at your drug dealers house you’re at special risk for being delt with in ways that may seem fucked up. But let me tell you what happens.