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A Gallery and Rant of Poorly Mounted Antennas

I have been installing Satellite dishes and systems of all types on and off over the past fourteen years. I never go back to jobs where I left something loose or a dish fell off or was blown off by the wind. The only times I’ve fixed my mounts have been when roofers remove the dish. I try not to do jobs if I can’t do them right and when I do them right they never have problems related to my work.

There are few things that bother me more than professionals doing jobs with the skills of an inexperienced amateur. An experienced amateur would be better than the things some of these unskilled professionals do. Things from cutting corners, not pre-drilling holes for bolts into rafters or studs and as a result the wood splits.

So I see a lot of hack jobs when I go out to peoples houses to install yet another antenna on their house. Often times these are people who live in the middle of nowhere and have no land based internet options, ideally but not always. DirecTV and Dish installers will show up and put up a dish next to an older DirecTV or Dish antenna and run all new wires.

My biggest annoyance tho is backwards mounts and tripod mounts that are not tripods. Most of the tripod mounts are long enough to mount onto 16” studs and 24” rafters which is what most buildings are built with. So you can mount the base of the tripod in the center between two more rafters, giving a solid three point mount. Ideally you want this to be a even tripod yet people put the support arms along the same axis as the base of the tripod and there is very little support to keep it from lifting up and down, let me demonstrate in a picture gallery.