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AWS Switch from running t2.micro to t2.nano

When I started with Amazon AWS I used the free teir for a year and then kept paying for it as I have been running all of my websites and freeswitch on it. I don’t really need freeswitch; since all my sites are static I could get away with using Amazon S3 to host it. In fact I do for So the following is a quick background on some things I’ve done since when I started using AWS for my hosting solutions.

The t2.nano server has 512mb of ram rather than 2gigs. I run nginx and static websites which requires very little ram. Freeswitch requires a few hundred mb at most when busy and at most I only do one call. If I come into some extra funds I will setup a hotline for one of my other websites, a joke hotline. So dont think im serious. But don’t tell people who think the sites are serious they aren’t serious. (Shhh! This is our little secret!)